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How to Change and Install SSL for Hostname In CWP – Control web panel

Today I’ll guide you how to change and install SSL for hostname in CWP panel, since this is the most questioned by our visitor via emails and i decided to provide a tutorial upon this.

Hostname is the most important thing in Linux server, it is associate with mails, rdns and many other services. A valid hostname can offer you issue free operation. Enough i explained lets get started with the guide.

Step 1 :

Ensure you’ve valid subdomain created from your main domain i.e. if your main domain is mysterydata.com then the hostname/subdomain should be like this : server.mysterydata.com or srv1.mysterydata.com or sandeep.mysterydata.com

Step 2 :

Then whatever you choose the hostname ensure you’ve valid “A” record DNS added eg :

Step 3 :

Go to CWP.Admin by using root user and navigate to :

CWP.admin >> Server Settings >> Change Hostname

Now You’ll see change hostname module where you can set hostname double check to add A record DNS from step 2 Enter the hostname in “New Hostname:” field and hit “Change Hostname” button thats it it will automatically install SSL for hostname you can access cwp in https too :

thats it all done start using CWP.

Extra tips :

RDNS/PTR record should be same as server hostname.

Sandeep B.

I'm a system admin and php developer and currently working as System Admin In CWP Control panel, expertise in Linux and Windows administration RHEL certified admin.

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  1. How can I install a custom certificate like Digicert? I tried this [link removed] but did not work still loading the let’s encrypt certificate.

  2. HI Sandeep,

    Need your support.

    I am facing an issue that is I am using CWP as a Control Panel. Hostname as domain I have properly configured with SSL but if the accessing through IP (instead of domain), the entire site with port can be accessible without SSL.

    I want all the users to restrict to use IP address. I want to redirect my server IP to particular domain. Can you please tell me the path where I can rewrite to my domain if I am using CWP.

    1. It will install LE certs, if you’ve self sign cert after changing hostname then you’ve this reasons:
      A record dns for hostname is not there
      LE CA-server blocks your hostname because of rate limit.

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